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The Three Dimensions of Archaeology

481e24113594456e8f9f4eaf5708bb3d5c9781784912949Proceedings of the  XVII UISPP World Congress (1–7 September, Burgos, Spain). Volume 7/Sessions A4b and A12
edited by Hans Kamermans, Wieke de Neef, Chiara Piccoli, Axel G. Posluschny and Roberto Scopigno. 2016.
ISBN 9781784912932. £29.00. Also available in Open Access. ISBN 9781784912949.
viii+150 pages; illustrated throughout in black & white.
Este volumen reune las presentaciones de dos sesiones del XVII Congreso Munidal de la UISPP de lass sesiones  The scientific value of 3D archaeology and Detecting the Landscape(s) y Remote Sensing Techniques from Research to Heritage Management.
Estos son los contenidos concretos:

  • The Three Dimensions of Archaeology – Introduction (Hans Kamermans, Chiara Piccoli, Wieke de Neef, Axel G. Posluschny & Roberto Scopigno)
  • Discussing the obvious or defending the contested: why are we still discussing the ‘scientific value’ of 3D applications in archaeology? (Tijm Lanjouw)
  • 3Di – enhancing the record, extending the returns, 3D imaging from free range photography and its application during excavation (Dominic Powlesland)
  • Towards 3D GIS. Notes from the 2012 CAA-NL/DE chapter session ‘from 2.5 to 3 spatial dimensions’(Martijn van Leusen & Serge van Gessel)
  • Are we there yet? 3D GIS in archaeological research, the case of Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria (Victor Klinkenberg)
  • Three-dimensional simulation of a fire in a simplified gallery of the Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc cave (Ardèche, France) (Delphine Lacanette, Jean-Christophe Mindeguia, Catherine Ferrier, Evelyne Debard & Bertrand Kervazo)
  • Using digital photogrammetry to produce 3D models at prehistoric ditched enclosures: Perdigões as a case study (José L. Caro, Víctor Jiménez-Jáimez & José Enrique Márquez-Romero
  • 3D modeling by digital photogrammetry applied to the Palaeolithic mammoth bone dwelling settlement of Gontsy (Ukraine) (Lioudmila Iakovleva, François Djindjian & Yves Egels)
  • Archaeology and coastal erosion: monitoring change through 3D digital techniques (Elias López-Romero, Patricia Mañana-Borrazás, Alejandro Güimil-Fariña & Marie Yvane Daire)
  • Fast 3D recording techniques: a low-cost method for the documentation and analysis of scattered architectural elements as a part of the EMCHAHE project (Patricia Mañana-Borrazás, Rebeca Blanco-Rotea & José Carlos Sánchez-Pardo)
  • Using airborne laser scanning and historical aerial photos to identify modern age fortifications in the Minho Valley, Northwest Iberian Peninsula (Rebeca Blanco-Rotea, João Fonte, Alejandro Güimil-Fariña & Patricia Mañana-Borrazás)
  • Devilish details – fine-tuning survey techniques for ephemeral sites (Wieke de Neef & Martijn van Leusen)
  • Geophysical survey on “El Mazo de la Castañera” (Cantabria, Spain): looking for open-air domestic remains (Eduardo Carmona Ballestero, Cristina Vega Maeso, Oscar López Jiménez &  Victoria Martínez Calvo)
  • Electrical resistivity imaging survey around the caves of the Ojo Guareña Karst complex (Merindad de Sotoscueva, Burgos, Spain) (L. Bermejo, A. I. Ortega, R. Guérin, A. Benito-Calvo, J. M. Parés, M. A. Martín, E. Aracil,U. Maruri & J. A. Porres)

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